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The LUIT shines for those who can see it.

The LUIT thinks after Georges Didi-Huberman that the fire-flies are not dead : they are seen by those who are at the right place to see their light signals.

We interfere into the relation between citizens and their city.
We make the passer-by enter the action to elaborate its meaning together with us.
We enquire on the new speakers-spaces.



Based in Paris, the LUIT - the Urban Laboratory of Temporaries Interventions - is a work group based on the research and experimentation in the public space. We are doing both site specific, territoy projects and theatrical performances. These cross fed forms involve people from various horizons, mixing searchers and artists (living arts, virtual arts, human and social sciences) using the tools and methods of the different knowledges. The urban space being together major place, support and co-working object.

The laboratory works in order to renew the notion of participation, the collective experimentation with the passers- by. To create we are working on a method based on the physical observation and the geographical analysis of one chosen space in order to create a contextual fiction that infiltrate reality. The goal is to reach hight level of participation of the audience (audience which is made of passerby, people that doesn’t expect to encounter art), to search until when the artist is able to share power with the audience, to create instability where it is possible to create control.

As LUIT, we work on two types of projects :

> Street interventions: performances that started while observing a specific territory that we have transformed into a template, a method to be applied in any space (with a certain degree of change): “Black Market” and “À VENIR” are good examples of these interventions.

> Territorial projects: one month to two year projects that are more site-specific and not reproducible. In those projects, we dig deep into a community and a territory (small areas, big areas, mostly rural areas) to build something that resonates with our practice. We usually collaborate with other artists to mix knowledge and artistic input. We did it for instance with “Mission Balise”, where we collaborated with choréographers and architects, or in “Super Roumois”, where  we collaborated with urbanist and artist designers.

Members :
Zelda Soussan - Artistic Director
Aurélien Izard - Scenographer
Guillaume Derieux, Thylda Bares, Alice Gozlan, Mélissa Irma - Actors
Maxime Demartin - Graphic Designer and Video Maker

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