Manuel d'adaptation à la Planète


A general review of the human ways of life on Earth is underway, performed by thousands of
Adapters. Our goal is to adapt your usual way of life to the weather forecasts of the future.
We invite you to create one page of the Adaptation Manual to Planet Earth.

Our time-accelerating protocol will allow us to participate to the adaptation of your territory
during the course of several generations.

The experiment is in collaboration with the local inhabitants and passers-by, because their territory will be more and more isolated, and will have to function independently, due to the quick disappeareance of the “State” and “borders” concepts.

This participatory performance in public space stimulates collective audience imagination,
with the aim of creating, through a game about the future, a dialogue about the present.

The adapters will set up their station in a lively public space, in a square o along a street. The station is composed of a semi transparent geodesic dome and a barometric antenna.

To write the Adaptation Manual, the adapters will engage with the audience in a common experience.
Each afternoon, 3 or 4 generations will follow one another at regular intervals. Each generations will be introduced to the climate of its time (starting in 2050, 2100, 2150, ...) and will live 50 years in 50 minutes.

The barometric antenna will be the beginning of the experience: small groups of 15 people will be invited to a short visit of the city of the future. The simulation of climate change will be achieved through climascope and the voice of a guide, which will transform the urban landscape
These tours will lead to a collective adaptation design session. They will choose a building, or a natural element of public space that will be the starting point of their community to navigate the next 50 years. Each participant will be encouraged to create a role in this world in construction.

The 15 participants will access the geodesic dome to be projected into the future: a clock will make clear the progression of time, with a minute equal to one year.
Here, they will be autonomous and will be able to call (or be called by) the Adapters. The y will at first discovery a message left by the previous generation who will update them about what has happened in the previous 50 years. Starting from this message, and from sudden complications of climatic and social nature communicated by the Adapters, the participants will have to ask themselves :
What do they really want to keep and how?

What shall they abandon not to worsen the situation?
What can they invent or adapt to help the situation?

An Adapter will draw and write on the surface of the dome to represent the choices and the inventions of the current generation. The rest of the audience outside the dome will have a partial access to what happens inside: they will be able to see the drawings on the semitransparent surfaces, spy the participants through the dome, listen to the conversations that will be re-transmitted next to the antenna.
When the 50 minutes will be over and the participants will exit the dome, the new generation will access it. Outside the dome, the previous 15 participants will be accompanied by an Adapter to a decompressing ritual during which they will be able to take a distance and question their experience



Conception, mise en scène : Zelda Soussan et Ruggero Franceschini
Scénographie : Aurélien Izard
Tuteur scientifique : Roman Teisserenc
Interprétation : Zelda Soussan, Ruggero Franceschini, Thylda Bares et Claudia Gambino (en alternance), Aurélien Izard, Roman Teisserenc, Mathilde François
Facilitation graphique et illustration : Mathilde François
Production, diffusion : Amandine Bretonnière - Akompani
Régisseur son : en cours
Le spectacle peut se jouer en français, anglais et italien. Claudia Gambino remplace Thylda Bares.


Premier temps d’expérimentation
Juillet 2020 / Métropolis, Copenhague

Résidences d’écriture
22 au 26 février 2021/ BASE, Milan
31 avril au 5 mai 2021 / MUST, Vimercate
7 au 12 juin 2021 / BASE, Milan
28 juin au 4 juillet, du 12 au 18 juillet 2021/ MUST, Vimercate
4 au 7 octobre 2021 /Arto, Ramonville
8 au 13 novembre 2021 / Arto, Ramonville

Résidences de création
29 novembre au 11 décembre 2021 / Espace Périphérique, Paris
21 février au 12 mars 2022 / La Bellone, Bruxelles
9 au 13 mai, puis le 29 mai 2022 / Printemps des rues, Paris
16 au 27 mai 2022 / L’Avant Scène, Cognac
20 juin au 3 juillet 2022 / L’Atelier 210, Bruxelles
5 au 10 septembre 2022 / Base, Milan
3 au 7 octobre 2022 / Printemps des rues, Paris
10 au 14 octobre 2022 / Arto, Ramonville
22 au 26 mai 2023 / Printemps des rues, Paris
Autres résidences - recherche en cours

Maquette Expérimenta, Grenoble, octobre 2022 (en cours)
Earthink Festival, Turin, hiver 2022 (en cours)
Printemps des rues, Paris, mai 2023
Arto, Ramonville, confirmé, dates à préciser en 2023
Métropolis, Copenhague 2023 (en cours)

Metropolis, Copenhague (DK) , Base, Milan (IT) , Arto, Ramonville (FR) ,
Atelier 210, Bruxelles (BE), Espace Périphérique, Paris (FR), L’Avant-Scène Théâtre, Cognac (FR) MUST, Vimercate (IT), La Bellone, Bruxelles (BE), Le Printemps des rues (FR)

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